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  • CLIENT:DeepDyve
  • INDUSTRY:Technology, Information and Internet

"Bant.io is by far our most cost-effective partner! They’ve done a fantastic job of providing us with a constant source of leads and have made it much easier for us to grow our business. The leads that they send our way are both high-quality and super affordable. What’s not to like?"

Beth Morgan
Beth Morgan

VP of Marketing

Customer story

DeepDyve is a specialist commercial website that sells access to scientific studies and scholarly articles. Users can purchase individual papers or take out a subscription that gives them unlimited access to as many articles as they need from many of the most well-known publishers in the industry.

When they approached Bant.io, DeepDyve explained that they were looking for an affordable and effective way to grow their business. They’d been shopping around for lead generation companies and settled on Bant.io after reading a number of testimonials and case studies.

We responded by developing a bespoke lead generation campaign that took DeepDyve’s messaging and strapped it to a rocket. We were able to contact over 83,000 prospects via eight email sequences which were supported by 22 A/B tests. This enabled us to capture 142 hot leads for DeepDyve to follow up with.


DeepDyve reached out to Bant.io because they needed a scalable lead generation solution for their business


  • 83408 prospects contacted
  • 8 email sequences developed
  • 22 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 24% Open Rate
  • 10% Response Rate
  • 7% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 142 Hot Leads