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  • CLIENT:eComAllies
  • INDUSTRY:Marketing & Advertising

"Thank you, bant.io! We’ve been shopping around for a powerful lead generation service ever since our company was founded, and it looks like we’ve finally found it! We’re happy with the leads that we received and we can’t wait to convert them into paying customers."

Charlie Johnson
Charlie Johnson


Customer story

eComAllies specialises in helping apparel and fashion brands to scale their eCommerce stores. Founded in 2018 in Austin, Texas, the company proudly proclaims that they’re “a team of former business owners, psych nerds, and marketing addicts”. That makes them the perfect people to achieve their mission of helping the underdogs to take on the established players in the eCommerce industry.

eComAllies had a clear goal in mind and asked for help in order to reach out to eCommerce store owners in the apparel and fashion industries. We responded by developing a unique campaign with messaging that was targeted at specific types of customers and which aimed to show those potential customers how eComAllies can help them.

To achieve this goal, we created seven different email sequences and supported them with nine A/B tests to get the best results possible. With the first campaign, we reached 6,485 potential clients and achieved a 16% response rate, generating 83 hot leads for the company.


eComAllies asked bant.io for help reaching out to more qualified leads in the clothing and fashion industry.


  • 6485 prospective clients reached
  • 7 email sequences developed
  • 9 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 22% Open Rate
  • 16% Response Rate
  • 36% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 83 Hot Leads