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  • CLIENT:Electrifyexpo
  • INDUSTRY:Electric Vehicle Festivals in US

We’re very happy with the outreach campaign that Bant.io carried out for us. As well as helping to raise the overall profile of our events and getting us in front of potential attendees, we were also able to bring one of the most influential electric vehicle companies in the US onboard. Our prospect and VIP outreach was greatly improved using Bant's technology.

BJ Birtwell
BJ Birtwell

Founder & CEO

Customer story

We were approached by Electrify Expo to promote their cross-state electric vehicle (EV) festival, which takes place throughout the year in Long Beach, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Seattle, Miami and Austin. Their aim was to use LinkedIn outreach to drive (pun intended) participation from automotive companies and EV manufacturers.

The campaign that we created was highly targeted to the automotive industry and allowed us to reach over 7,500 people involved in EV manufacture. As a result of our services, one of the most influential Electric Vehicle companies in the US has been actively participating in all their festivals.

All of these campaigns worked together to create a huge buzz around the event, and that was backed up by our metrics which showed a 20% acceptance rate and a 4% response rate. We also gathered 109 leads from our social outreach.


Electrify Expo asked Bant.io for help using LinkedIn outreach to find EV Industry specific companies and contacts to participate in their electric vehicle festival


  • 7554 prospects contacted in the Electric Vehicles industry
  • 5 social outreach sequences developed

Campaign Results

  • 20% Open Rate
  • 4% Response Rate
  • 65% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 109 Hot Leads