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  • CLIENT:Elevate Digital
  • INDUSTRY:Marketing & Advertising

"We’re very impressed with the work that bant.io did on our behalf. By helping us to find new prospects, they’ve helped us to expand our clientele from Hong Kong and Singapore and to continue to grow as a business. The leads they generated weren’t just qualified, they were ready to do business. We’ll definitely be working with them again."

Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith

Director of Strategy and Business Development

Customer story

Elevate Digital is a Hong Kong based SEO agency which specialises in helping small and medium-sized businesses to boost their online exposure and to reach a larger audience. As SEO specialists, Elevate Digital knows all about the importance of generating targeted, relevant leads, which is why we made for the perfect match.

We worked closely with Elevate Digital to get to know more about their target audience and to tailor our communications so that they’d have the greatest impact. Along the way, we also deployed multiple email sequences and A/B tests to make sure that the results of the campaign were the best they could possibly be.

That’s probably why the campaign was such a success, generating 83 hot leads to begin with, after reaching out to 1,800 prospects. The retargeting campaign also generated 8,000 impressions, and the campaign as a whole helped to introduce Elevate Digital to a wide range of potential prospects.


Elevate Digital wanted to increase their customer portfolio, connecting with companies from Hong Kong and Singapore.


  • 1888 prospective clients reached
  • 2 email sequences developed
  • 4 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 48% Open Rate
  • 34% Response Rate
  • 41% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 83 Hot Leads