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  • CLIENT:Fit Analytics
  • INDUSTRY:Information Technology & Services

"We’re very impressed by bant.io because they kept things simple, telling us what to expect, and then delivering it. What more could you ask for from a service provider? They were professional and courteous at all times and exceeded our already high expectations."

Reuben Davies
Reuben Davies

Head Of International Sales

Customer story

Fit Analytics specialises in helping apparel companies to use smarter analytics to increase key performance metrics, boosting conversion rates and sales and cutting down on returns. Trusted by leading brands and retailers from six continents, they pride themselves on being able to serve companies of any size and in any industry.

Fit Analytics were looking for help attracting retail companies in a range of different key markets. By narrowing down the audience we were trying to reach, we were able to target those who were in a place to benefit from and to implement their smart analytics solutions.

By focussing hard on reaching the right audience with the right message, we were able to reach over 5,000 potential clients on Fit Analytics’ behalf. Via two email sequences that were enhanced by a barrage of scientific multivariate tests, we were also able to maximise the results of the campaign and to generate 27 leads for Fit Analytics’ sales team. We were also able to generate 49 conversions for the Retargeting campaign, gather with 115,323 impressions and 153 clicks.


Fit Analytics approached bant.io because they needed help generating leads at retail companies who were looking to increase their online conversions.


  • 5068 prospective clients reached
  • 2 email sequences developed
  • 5 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 20% Open Rate
  • 7% Response Rate
  • 8% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 27 Hot Leads