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  • CLIENT:GenITeam
  • INDUSTRY:Information Technology & Services

Thanks, bant.io! You did a great job of addressing any doubts we had and making sure that we were comfortable throughout the entire process. We were also impressed that you were able to convey our brand’s values so effectively whilst simultaneously teaching people about our company and what we can do to help them.

Hamza Ilyas
Hamza Ilyas

Business Development Manager

Customer story

GenITeam is an award-winning mobile application and game development company that offers a full-scale service from the initial concept through to app development, launches and discovery. The company has a global user base of over 100 million users, and employees have over 180 years of combined experience across a range of platforms including Unity, iOS and Android.

When GenITeam approached bant.io, they were interested in growing their company in the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, it was also important for them to maintain their public image. Already ranked amongst the top 100 Asian companies by Red Herring back in 2012, the company has continued to innovate and to push boundaries ever since, and they briefed bant.io to make sure that we were fully aware of their corporate tone of voice and their positioning before we started.

This approach enabled us to make sure that our marketing campaigns were as relevant as possible whilst still maintaining the company’s professional image. We responded with a custom campaign that generated 99 hot leads while picking up a further 10,330 remarketing campaign impressions.


GenITeam approached bant.io because they needed help expanding their presence on the UAE market.


  • 8578 prospective clients reached
  • 6 email sequences developed
  • 8 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 21% Open Rate
  • 27% Response Rate
  • 15% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 75 Hot Leads