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  • CLIENT:Gooru
  • INDUSTRY:Internet

"I'm now very glad that we chose bant.io as our marketing partner for all our lead generation campaigns. The entire team has a great focus on simplification, efficiency and professionalism."

Andrea Sánchez
Andrea Sánchez

Sales Manager

Customer story

Gooru Live is an online platform, purposely designed for companies, institutions or associations that want to broadcast live, share and create their own video content in a user friendly, customizable, and profitable environment.

The first campaign designed by bant.io, targeted the US market. Once the customer was satisfied with the initial results, they have decided to upgrade their plan, right from month one. Gooru wanted to target other markets as well, like Mexic and Spain. The decision was a very inspired one, opening more than 50 conversations for Gooru sales team.

The initial Gooru campaign generated a total of 86 hot leads, from 3265 prospective clients reached.


Gooru wanted to expand their sales operations into US, Mexic and Spain.


  • 6530 prospective clients reached
  • 6 email sequences developed
  • 11 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 52% Open Rate
  • 10% Response Rate
  • 51% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 188 Hot Leads