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  • CLIENT:HeadChannel
  • INDUSTRY:Information Technology & Services

"Every company has a specialisation, and the more you specialise, the more professional you become. We know that because we specialise in software development, and it was a pleasure to work with another professional company that specialises in lead generation. I was very happy with how our services were presented by bant.io and I was impressed by both the quality and the quantity of the leads they generated. Few companies can find a balance between the two, but bant.io did it – and that’s what I liked the most. They created some great opportunities for HeadChannel and we’re looking forward to continue working with them."

Beata Green
Beata Green

Operational Strategy Director

Customer story

HeadChannel is a UK-based software company which specialises in developing bespoke web and mobile applications. They focus on creating premium solutions based on exceptional knowledge, years of experience and a practical approach to every project.

Premium services need premium presentation, which is why HeadChannel got in touch with bant.io. We worked together to establish a partnership that focussed on generating results while still maintaining a premium feel.

Once we hit upon the right approach, we started gathering responses from a huge number of companies in the Greater London area. They spanned a range of industries, and the one thing that they had in common was that they were all interested in HeadChannel’s bespoke software services.

The results were better than either of us imagined. The initial campaign generated 101 hot leads and the retargeting recorded over 40,000 impressions, 39 clicks and 26 conversions, translating into a real impact on HeadChannel’s bottom line.


HeadChannel wanted to increase the number of clients they had in the Greater London area while simultaneously promoting the award-winning software development service that they offer.


  • 4641 prospective clients reached
  • 2 email sequences developed
  • 3 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 30% Open Rate
  • 47% Response Rate
  • 47% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 101 Hot Leads