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  • CLIENT:LeadersBridge
  • INDUSTRY:Management Consulting

"The campaign that we ran with bant.io exceeded our expectations and led to a huge number of leads for our company to follow up with. For our company to be successful, the leads needed to be as relevant as possible, because the quality of the members in our network is a deciding factor in how much value we’re able to offer people. We’re happy to say that the leads that we received from bant.io were a fantastic fit!"

Daniel Jordi
Daniel Jordi


Customer story

LeadersBridge is Switzerland’s leading network for digital professionals to collaborate on everything from branded partnerships to career opportunities and more. The aim is to bring Switzerland’s digital professionals and entrepreneurs together to boost innovation and to drive collaboration.

When they approached bant.io, LeadersBridge asked for help consolidating their stronghold on the Swiss market by reaching out to Swiss digital professionals. This allowed us to create a super targeted campaign that separated prospects into different target audiences. This included deploying ten different email sequences to allow us to get as specific as possible with our messaging.

We were able to reach out to 9,772 potential clients, supporting those email sequences with 15 A/B tests to boost the results as much as possible. This approach allowed us to generate a huge number of leads: 618, which works out as a whopping 6.3% of all of the people that we reached out to.


LeadersBridge approached bant.io because they wanted some help reaching out to the Swiss market.


  • 9772 prospective clients reached
  • 10 email sequences developed
  • 15 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 27% Open Rate
  • 55% Response Rate
  • 42% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 618 Hot Leads