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  • CLIENT:Lojjo
  • INDUSTRY:Financial Services

"bant.io changed the way that we looked at lead generation and taught us how tailored messaging and a strategic campaign can transform a business. We’re proud of the work that we do and we already know that our customers love our product. bant.io just took our existing marketing efforts and strapped them to a rocket so that now we can help more people than ever before!"

Maziyar Homayoun
Maziyar Homayoun


Customer story

Lojjo is a complex tool which helps non-profits and charitable organisations to raise money through raffles. Their customers can create these raffles in just 15 minutes and sell tickets both face-to-face and online, making it a uniquely powerful fundraising tool.

They approached bant.io to ask for help increasing their presence in the United States, Canada and Australia, which allowed us to create a truly global campaign that was tailored to different target audiences in different locations. In particular, we targeted small and medium sized non-profits, associations and organisations.

In the initial campaign, this combination of smart targeting and tailored messaging helped us to generate 29 hot leads and to reach over 3,000 prospects across the different target markets. We also witnessed a high response rate of 44%, in part because we carried out multiple different email sequences and five A/B tests.


Lojjo wanted to expand their presence in the US, Canadian and Australian markets.


  • 3417 prospective clients reached
  • 4 email sequences developed
  • 5 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 31% Open Rate
  • 44% Response Rate
  • 6% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 29 Hot Leads