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  • CLIENT:NetWorth
  • INDUSTRY:Information Technology & Services

"We work with progressive companies and organisations that know the value of technology and which want to get the most out of their IT investments. That’s why we chose to work with bant.io – because they have a similar ethos and approach to us. As for the results…well, they speak for themselves. We’re looking forward to continuing to work together in the future!"

Brian DeAngelis
Brian DeAngelis


Customer story

NETWORTH is a managed IT services provider serving businesses across Canada. They make it their mission to help companies to free up the time they spend worrying about IT so they can concentrate on growing their business, and they pride themselves on their simple approach and easy pricing model.

The company also has the coveted Microsoft Partner Status, which is only awarded to companies that have demonstrated excellence when it comes to installing and implementing Microsoft technologies. At the same time, they know that no two companies are identical, which is why they adapt their approach for every different client.

Thanks to NETWORTH, it’s easier than ever for companies to have the resources of an entire technology department without having to pay the accompanying overheads. And as a company that knows the value of outsourcing, it’s no surprise that they approached bant.io for help expanding their client base in Greater Toronto, Southern Ontario and Western New York.

As for the results, the campaign reached nearly 3,000 prospects and generated more than 100 hot leads, with the retargeting campaign generating 26,431 impressions.


Managed IT services firm NETWORTH needed to expand its client base in the Greater Toronto, Southern Ontario and Western New York areas.


  • 2982 prospective clients reached
  • 3 email sequences developed
  • 5 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 42% Open Rate
  • 65% Response Rate
  • 63% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 102 Hot Leads