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  • CLIENT:Nivaray Media Solution
  • INDUSTRY:Media Production

"Our services aren’t always the easiest to sell because you really need to hear them to believe them. That’s why we were so happy when bant.io launched the campaign and the results started trickling in immediately. Now, our biggest challenge will be keeping up with them all. Thanks, bant.io!"

Pablo Irigaray Murillo
Pablo Irigaray Murillo

Technical Producer

Customer story

Based in Spain, Nivaray is an audio-visual company that specialises in providing companies with everything they need from a technical and audio-visual standpoint for private or business events. Their services include technical direction, equipment rental, simultaneous translation, lighting and set design, video production, live streaming and more.

Before we get started, we like to understand our clients as much as possible. That’s why we spent some time understanding exactly how they help their customers so that we could get the messaging right. They don’t just drop off a few microphones and speakers. They partner with companies to get the sound just right, no matter what the occasion or what equipment is being used.

With our newfound understanding of how Nivaray worked, we were able to develop highly targeted messaging that prospects were quick to respond to. And by targeting both marketing departments and audio-visual production teams in companies from a range of industries, we were able to generate over 100 hot leads in our initial approach.


Nivaray contacted bant.io to ask for help targeting audio-visual production departments in a range of different industries.


  • 733 prospective clients reached
  • 1 email sequences developed
  • 2 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 68% Open Rate
  • 60% Response Rate
  • 33% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 120 Hot Leads