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  • CLIENT:Sales Doctors
  • INDUSTRY:Professional Training & Coaching

"We are very content with the leads that bant.io has delivered so far. Thanks to the work they did to understand our business and to get the message just right, we’ll be able to grow our business in the months and years to come."

Boyd Mayover
Boyd Mayover


Customer story

Founded in 2006 by Tony Morris and Boyd Mayover, Sales Doctor is a specialist sales training company that prides itself on being formed of salespeople who train as opposed to trainers who lecture. They’ve helped over 26,000 sales professionals across 62 different industries through a more practical, hands-on approach that includes live sales calls during training sessions.

They approached bant.io because they needed help generating initial leads so that their expert salespeople could follow up with them and turn them into opportunities and customers. We started by developing customized messaging that targeted specific subsets of customers.

The campaign was a success, reaching over 7,800 prospective clients with three email sequences and six A/B tests. We also carried out a retargeting campaign that notched up over 40,000 impressions and 60 conversions. To date, the campaign as a whole generated 72 hot leads for the company’s professional salespeople to follow up with.


Sales Doctors approached bant.io as they were looking to attract more UK based customers for their bespoke training solutions.


  • 7827 prospective clients reached
  • 3 email sequences developed
  • 6 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 27% Open Rate
  • 44% Response Rate
  • 19% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 72 Hot Leads