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  • CLIENT:Social Status
  • INDUSTRY:Internet

"bant.io has helped us to expand our presence in some of the most difficult markets to break into, and for that we’ll be forever grateful. Now that we’re starting to build some momentum, we’re ready to take on the world. We’re looking forward to seeing what the future will bring!"

Tim Hill
Tim Hill

CEO and Co-Founder

Customer story

Social Status provides a social media analytics platform that’s already being used by thousands of marketers, businesses and agencies from across the globe. Young and ambitious, they’re proud to challenge the status quo and to lead the social media analytics industry into the future. They use data to better inform social strategies and do everything they can to give customers actionable insights to help them to improve their social media marketing campaigns.

When they approached bant.io, they asked for help contacting prospects from various key regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia. As we got to know more about the company, we were able to work with them to develop messaging that resonated with their target audience, including personalized messaging for different countries and company types.

Their first campaign was a real success, reaching 1,279 prospective clients and generating 67 hot leads. We also carried out four A/B tests and deployed three different email sequences to maximise the campaign’s results, resulting in a 31% response rate.


Social Status needed help increasing their customer portfolio in the US, Singapore, Australia and the UK.


  • 1279 prospective clients reached
  • 3 email sequences developed
  • 4 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 56% Open Rate
  • 30% Response Rate
  • 31% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 67 Hot Leads