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  • CLIENT:Support Bench
  • INDUSTRY:Consumer Services

bant.io has really opened up our eyes to the true power of lead generation! We were expecting them to provide us with a decent amount of new leads, but it’s the quality that really took us by surprise. We’re very happy!

Nooshin Alibhai
Nooshin Alibhai

Chief Operating Officer

Customer story

Supportbench is a cloud-based support case management system that’s designed to help companies of all shapes and sizes to deliver more effective customer support. They’ve designed their tool so that it can scale up and down to suit the company that’s using it, ensuring that it remains affordable to companies of all shapes and sizes.

When they reached out to bant.io, they asked us for help reaching out to customers in the United States and Canada. With companies of different sizes and industries up for grabs, we were able to create a range of different email campaigns that were supported by seven A/B tests.

The goal was to increase the relevancy of the messaging as much as possible, and it’s an approach that succeeded, allowing us to reach just over 3,000 potential clients. We were able to generate hot leads from a variety of sources including email, LinkedIn outreach and a chatbot. We also generated five conversions, 38,486 impressions, and 73 clicks through our retargeting campaign.


Supportbench reached out to us because they needed help increasing their customer base in the US and Canada.


  • 3044 prospective clients reached
  • 3 email sequences developed
  • 7 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 9% Open Rate
  • 16% Response Rate
  • 16% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 42 Hot Leads