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  • CLIENT:Terralytica
  • INDUSTRY:Information Technology & Services

We’re very happy with the work that Bant.io carried out. They did a fantastic job of reflecting our brand through the imagery and copy that they used, and it clearly resounded with our target market if the metrics are anything to go by. All in all, it was a successful campaign that exceeded our expectations. What more could we ask for?

Rob Kirkwood
Rob Kirkwood

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Customer story

Terralytica provides specialist technology that’s designed to track all smart devices within a range of 100 metres and which integrates with OpenAPI. Simple to use and highly versatile, it’s an ideal system for a wide range of use cases, and the company has experienced particular success across North America.

Terralytica explained that they wanted to consolidate their hold across Canada and the United States, and so we responded by developing a targeted campaign that aimed at a variety of different buyer personas in those two key markets. Our messaging mixed education and awareness together to ensure that prospects knew how Terralytica could help them before a member of the sales team ever reached out to them.

The campaign that we created reached just under 10,000 potential clients through eight email sequences, which themselves were supported by ten A/B tests. Thanks to this, combined with our 48% response rate, we were able to generate 71 hot leads for Terralytica to follow up with.


Terralytica approached Bant.io to ask for help generating leads in Canada and the United States


  • 9829 prospective clients reached
  • 8 email sequences developed
  • 10 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 48% Open Rate
  • 16% Response Rate
  • 7% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 71 Hot Leads