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We’re extremely happy with both the quality and the quantity of the leads that we received from bant.io. They’ve already made a significant difference to the way that we look at marketing, and we’ll continue to work with them for as long as they’re able to continue providing results like these. We can’t recommend them enough.

Stuart Cameron
Stuart Cameron

Managing Director of Commercial Operations

Customer story

UCQ is an independent higher education provider that was founded back in 1994 as an educational company. They aim to help employers improve their organisations’ performance with work-based learning and degree apprenticeships. By combining academic rigour with real-world, practical know-how, they can develop the leadership and management abilities of both current and future managers.

UCQ provided us with a list of their key markets, and we responded by getting inside the heads of their target customers and developing a customised messaging that was designed to show the value that UCQ can bring to them. Part of this involved educating the customer with different information required at different points of the buyer’s journey.

The campaign’s results speak for themselves. We were able to reach a total of 8,122 potential clients via two email sequences, which themselves were enhanced by four A/B tests. This enabled our email outreach campaign to achieve a 39% open rate and generate 168 leads for UCQ to follow up with.


UCQ approached bant.io to ask for help generating leads across a range of their key markets.


  • 8122 prospective clients reached
  • 2 email sequences developed
  • 4 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 39% Open Rate
  • 29% Response Rate
  • 18% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 168 Hot Leads