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  • CLIENT:Virtual Staff Engagement
  • INDUSTRY:Professional Training & Coaching

Bant.io did a brilliant job of getting to know both our company and our customers. They really knew who we wanted to reach and what we wanted to say to them, and the results speak for themselves in the number of leads we were able to capture. We’re very glad that we found them when we did!

Georgie Mann
Georgie Mann


Customer story

Virtual Staff Engagement provides virtual team building experiences that are designed to improve employee wellbeing, job satisfaction, motivation, productivity and more. They do this through the provision of interactive games that are designed to bring out the best in people, whether that’s by improving communication or by providing unhappy employees with a way to reengage with the company.

Virtual Staff Engagement had a clear idea of who they wanted to target, along with how their company could help those people. It fell to us to develop a well-crafted marketing and communications campaign that would showcase the benefits of becoming a Virtual Staff Engagement Customer.

By getting all of these elements just right, we were able to create a comprehensive and highly targeted campaign that reached just over 4,500 potential customers via two email sequences. This resulted in an impressive 35% open rate and 17% response rate, eventually generating 61 leads for Virtual Staff Engagement and their team to follow up with.


Virtual Staff Engagement needed Bant.io’s help to establish a steady source of leads and potential clients from the United Kingdom.


  • 4517 prospective clients reached
  • 2 email sequences developed
  • 1 A/B test performed

Campaign Results

  • 35% Open Rate
  • 17% Response Rate
  • 15% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 61 Hot Leads