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  • CLIENT:Substrate
  • INDUSTRY:E-learning

As a specialist education company, we have a social goal as well as our internal sales and marketing goals. By helping us to identify and to reach out to more potential customers, bant.io has also helped us to do more good in the world by facilitating scientific education in our key target markets.

Will Schneller
Will Schneller

Co-Founder and CEO

Customer story

As a company, Substrate prides itself on its ability to save its customers time and energy so that they can focus on their service. They knew all about the importance of distilling their value proposition into a simple message because their own platform is all about providing a simple way for science teachers to communicate complex concepts.

Sales and marketing often comes down to education, and this campaign was no different. We worked with Substrate to develop an email marketing and LinkedIn outreach campaign that reached over 5,000 potential clients.

By combining this approach with five A/B tests and ongoing tweaks to ensure that the campaign was running at its best, we were able to achieve a 26% conversions to opportunities rate and to capture 74 leads for Substrate to follow up with.


Substrate asked bant.io for help targeting higher education organizations to promote their mobile education platform.


  • 5272 prospective clients reached
  • 1 email sequences developed
  • 5 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 25% Open Rate
  • 11% Response Rate
  • 26% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 74 Hot Leads