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  • CLIENT:Xevant
  • INDUSTRY:Software Development

"Bant.io is a high producing and core asset for our demand generation efforts. The ability to run multiple tactic sets through a single platform helps us expand our reach and opportunity to prospect both effectively and efficiently. Because Xevant is niche, having a dedicated CSM who is an advocate for our success is like having an extra member on the marketing team."

Greg Heaps
Greg Heaps


Customer story

Xevant is a SaaS company that provides real-time data and insights that empower healthcare stakeholders to solve the access, quality, and cost issues plaguing the US healthcare system. Their intelligent analytics platform autonomously compiles complete pharmacy claims data analyses, builds reports, and identifies specific client opportunities you can act on in a matter of minutes—not months.

When they connected with Bant.io, we quickly understood that it was more important than ever to get to know exactly how the Xevant worked and what their technology allowed them and their customers to do. This allowed us to be extremely clear in our messaging and tactic recommendations to optimize prospect interaction with Xevant.

Over a 3-month period, the campaign that we proposed and implemented enabled a reach of over 5,600 people via email and 2,800 via LinkedIn, resulting in 40 leads from email and 31 from social. We also generated over 30,000 retargeting impressions and nearly 70,000 pay-per-click impressions for Xevant.


Xevant approached Bant.io to ask for help reaching out to potential customers in the United States


  • 5,641 prospects contacted by email
  • 2,889 contacted on LI
  • 30,369 Retargeting impressions
  • 69,531 PPC impressions
  • 7 completed chatbot conversations

Campaign Results


  • 27% open rate
  • 2% Response Rate
  • 22% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 40 Hot Leads from Email outreach


  • 12% Acceptance Rate
  • 6% Response Rate
  • 19% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 31 Hot Leads from LinkedIn Outreach
  • 121 PPC conversions
  • 6 Retargeting Conversion
  • 1 Chatbot lead