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  • CLIENT:ZenaPay
  • INDUSTRY:Computer Software

"The leads that bant.io generated on our behalf will play an important part in the continued growth of our company. We’re particularly impressed with how relevant the leads are to what we do and how easy it’s been for our sales team to start up a dialogue. Keep those leads coming!"

Shaun Passley
Shaun Passley

Chairman & CEO

Customer story

ZenaPay creates and distributes innovative cannabis software that’s aimed at enterprises and other large scale commercial operations. The software is essentially a one-stop-shop covering everything from payment solutions and plant tracking to supply chain management, compliance management and more.

One of the unique challenges of marketing a marijuana business is ensuring full compliance at all times, and indeed ZenaPay’s software is designed to facilitate compliance and to make it easier for regulators and auditors to check that rules are being followed. We responded by working closely with ZenaPay to ensure that all of our marketing materials were appropriate across each region while simultaneously making them as relevant to each target audience as possible.

This approach was success, allowing us to reach 2,879 potential clients via four email sequences and five A/B tests. This resulted in a 24% open rate and a 50% response rate, generating a total of 63 hot leads for ZenaPay to follow up with. More importantly, each of those leads were super relevant and ready to learn more about the company.


ZenaPay came to bant.io looking for help attracting more qualified leads throughout Canada, the United States, Jamaica, Australia and New Zealand.


  • 2879 prospective clients reached
  • 4 email sequences developed
  • 5 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 24% Open Rate
  • 50% Response Rate
  • 18% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 63 Hot Leads