A woman sits at a desk typing up cold outreach emails.

The Most Powerful Templates for Cold Email Outreach

If there were a magic formula for new customer outreach, most businesses would have resorted to it by now. Short of that, a solid template for cold email outreach campaign is the next best thing–but there’s a catch. 

Every cold email template needs to be tailored to your message and your culture because every piece of communication from your company needs to be genuine. Your audience will know if you’re copying someone else’s work, and they will ignore you—even if they genuinely need what you’ve got to sell.

Having said that, we compiled five of the best templates around, and we’re sure they’ll win you the leads you’re looking to generate.

AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action)

This time-honored copywriting formula will first grab your reader’s attention, pique their interest, show why they should desire your product, and then give them a way to take action to take advantage of its benefits. Example:

SUBJECT: Finally. Real security for your data.

Hi {{name}}:

How would you like to never worry about a data breach again? 

I am asking because businesses like yours can finally breathe a sigh of relief that their data and their customers’ data are locked up tight in our virtual vault.

Companies like Microsoft, Zendesk, and Salesforce use our services, and what we did for them, we’d be thrilled to do for you.

I would love to set up a time to show you how this system makes all data secure. Would you have some time next week for a demo?

PAS (problem, agitation, solution)

The PAS template pushes the pain button for your client by focusing on the problem the reader is facing, elaborating on the issue and creating agitation, and then offering a solution for their pain. Example:

SUBJECT: Finally. Real security for your data.

Hi {name},

How often have you had to scramble to shut down a security breach? 

If your business is facing constant attacks by hackers, you lose time defending your data — and you can’t spend time doing the data analysis you do best.

Our new approach to countering data security threats is used by companies like Microsoft, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

I would love to show you how this works. Are you free next week for a demo?

P-P-P (praise, picture, push)

Flattery will get you anywhere, and if you’ve heard about a recent win for your prospective client, this email template will also be a winner. The template lets you frame your product’s benefits to support your client’s passion. Example:

SUBJECT: Congratulations on winning the CVS Health account!

Hi {name},

Congrats! I just learned that you are the lead for the CVS Health data analysis team.

As you’re working on developing your signature insights for their company, you don’t want to be worrying about a data breach. If data breaches are a real worry for you, I would love to show you how to stop them for good. 

May I ask for a few minutes of your time for a demo next week?

Bant’s three-sentence format

As promised, this template is only three sentences long. This email template will appeal to prospective clients who respect a short and straightforward approach. Example:

SUBJECT: Never suffer another data breach.

Hi {name},

My name is {your name}, and I’ll be brief.

I’m the founder of a company that has created a method to keep your data completely safe from security breaches.

Would you have time next week for a demo showing why Microsoft, Zendesk, and Salesforce are all happy clients?

Buffer’s Before-after-bridge

Use this template to help prospective clients imagine their life after choosing your product. What will it do for them? How will it make them feel better? Then show them how to build a bridge to that future.

SUBJECT: Imagine being free of data breaches.

Hi {name}, 

If you’re like most data analysis professionals, data breaches can be frustrating time wasters. Imagine a life without having to worry about or deal with data breaches.

Our system ensures that you never suffer another breach again and keeps data safe for Microsoft, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

If you can spare me some time, I would be happy to demonstrate how our systems can do the same for you. What would be a good time next week?

You can take these approaches and personalize them to suit your business culture. Pick and choose which would work best for any given prospect but, in the end, ensure that you present yourself as genuinely as possible, and emails will become a powerful tool for business growth.

Email cold outreach is one part of many diverse methods of contacting a prospective customer. If you’re interested in scaling your business fast, Bant is dedicated to helping your growth. Contact us today for a demonstration of our lead generation services.