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9 Things to Consider Before Hiring a B2B Lead Generation Agency

Fulfilling a business accelerator program in the B2B environment is increasingly challenging. Decision makers are more difficult to contact, and the cost of getting your sales team to source leads from scratch through cold outreach is $198 per lead though this figure varies widely depending on your business sector or your outreach tool. Costs go up with the size of the company you’re approaching. A lead from a company with over a thousand employees costs almost four hundred dollars to develop.

Many companies outsource to a B2B lead generation agency to reduce costs and generate high-quality, sales-qualified leads. This article looks into what you should consider when hiring a B2B lead generation agency. 

Do a background check 

Once you compile a list of potential companies, take the time to look into how they perform their service. They may all be quality firms, but one will emerge that suits your needs and corporate style.

Check their reputation and track record

Read the firm’s reviews on Google and find case studies reported on industry websites. Reach out to your personal network for recommendations and feedback. 

Get familiar with their people and talent

Ask for a trial period, so you have time to see how their team works and whether their approach and results suit your needs. Their team will become partners in your business growth. So, their company style needs to align with how your company works. During the trial, you’ll also be able to evaluate whether their leads will bring the kind of business you’re trying to build.

Look at their client/roster

Ask for a copy of their client list. A client list will show whether the agency has experience in your or a similar industry. Ask for one or two current clients’ names and permission to reach out for a testimonial.

Determine fit 

Since your lead generation agency will drive your business growth, you want to ensure their services fit the kind of business you want to build. 

Type of agency they are

From their client list, you’ll understand whether the agency you’re considering is too small, too big, or just right. If they’re used to producing more leads than you require, they may give you less consideration than their more prominent clients. Conversely, if the agency you’re considering is too small, you may not get the volume of leads you need to keep your sales team busy. If your prospective agency has a thorough mix of large and small current clients, they should have an approach that works across the board.

Knowledge of your industry

Your lead generation team needs to understand your industry well enough to attract prospective clients who need your product and then properly qualify leads as they come in. Knowledge of the design industry, for example, will ensure that you’re not trying to sell a complex design package to a client who only needs simple layout features.


If proximity breeds accountability, your lead generation company should be in your country and subject to the same laws and regulations under which your company operates. 

Learn their approach to lead-gen

How a company sources and handles its leads says a lot about how it will handle its interactions with your company. 

Lead qualification process and focus

Your lead generation agency will have a basic system by which they assess leads. Find out what that approach is and how it works. Will their focus generate sales-ready leads? Ensure the agency is amenable to adopting any criteria you deem crucial to your business building.

Tools and tech they use

What are the nuts and bolts of how they do business? Do their tools fit easily with your processes? Determine the customer relationship management (CRM) software and reporting tools they’re using and check if they will interface easily with your own. Ensure they use solid marketing technology (martech) to automate and optimize their efforts efficiently. Finally, ensure that their approach to data management is ethical and responsible.

Lead sourcing

Lead generation requires a form of outreach, like telemarketing, cold email, and online or in-print advertising. Find out how the prospective lead generation agency does business and ensure you’re comfortable with their methods.

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