Two B2B Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Reading blogs is one of the best ways there is for you to stay on top of the industry. After all, modern marketing is a moveable feast, a shape-changing beast that’s almost impossible to stay on top of.

That’s why the best marketers make a habit of reading industry blog sites, whether they do it on their phones on the commute to work or whether they take ten minutes every day to read up while drinking a cup of coffee.

Finding the best blog sites can be tricky, especially because users create 79.2 million posts and 39.1 million new comments each month on WordPress alone. That’s why we’ve done the hard work and scoured the web for you. Here are just two of our favourite B2B marketing blog sites.


Webbiquity has its own philosophy which it defines as “being everywhere online when and where buyers are looking for what you sell.” It specialises in B2B marketing and is spearheaded by Tom Pick, a consultant who uses a holistic approach to tackle B2B marketing from different angles, whether we’re talking about SEO, social media or influencer outreach.

The great thing about Webbiquity is that Pick also welcomes guests to the site, which means you’re able to see different takes on the B2B market. He also does a great job of making sure that his posts are both actionable and insightful, whether you’re reading ‘How to Build a B2B Marketing Team’ or whether you’re learning why ‘Marketing Technology Needs to be Facebook-ized’.

One of the most useful areas of the site is its collection of marketing resources, which lists the release dates of B2B marketing and advertising publications. It also has a global repository of events so you can meet up with people and learn from the biggest B2B thought leaders in person. What’s not to love?

Click here to visit Webbiquity.

B2B Lead Blog

The B2B Lead Blog has a heritage thanks to being founded back in 2003, when there was nothing really like it on the market. Spearheaded by Brian Carroll, who’s considered to be a thought leader in the field of empathetic marketing, it led to a publishing deal with McGraw-Hill and the release of his bestselling book, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale.

Brian’s book is worth reading of course, but his blog is arguably more accessible. He tackles the topics that are on the minds of modern marketers in a way that makes it easy to read and to understand, even when he’s covering complex topics like lead routing and buyer personas.

Better still, Carroll and his team know exactly what B2B marketers are looking for – after all, it’s what they do themselves – and so they’re speaking from a position of authority. That also allows them to provide their readers with useful downloads like their free lead generation checklist, and their commitment to providing well-researched, high-quality content shines through in everything they do.

Click here to visit the B2B Lead Blog.