Top LinkedIn Automation tools for 2022

The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools for 2022

If you’re looking to save time on your LinkedIn marketing efforts and bring a personalized touch to your marketing campaigns, automation is the way to do it. 

Tools like Bant allow you to automate your lead generation on LinkedIn so you have more time to dedicate to closing deals and providing the best service to your clients. 

But with hundreds of different automation tools to choose from, it can be daunting trying to figure out which ones to invest in.

Not all automation tools are created equal – some are great tools to automate your business, others will get you banned from LinkedIn. 

In this post, we’ll go over the key features of the best LinkedIn automation tools for 2022 so you know which ones to choose. 

Want to skip the research and get started with the top-rated automation software? Request a demo and we’ll show you how Bant can significantly improve your lead gen efforts. 

The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

Let’s take a look at the best tools you can use to automate your growth and lead generation efforts on LinkedIn in 2022.

Bant best LinkedIn automation tool

We know, Bant is us. And call us biased, but we think Bant is one of the best automation tools for LinkedIn lead generation. 

With Bant, you get a comprehensive set of tools that give all-in-one lead gen and growth acceleration. All of this allows you to connect with leads in real-time and get new, consistent client inquiries every single month – all on autopilot. 

While other tools require set-up time, is a done for you solution. After an onboarding call with our team, we will implement a winning strategy, analyze your campaign performance, and provide data-driven experiment recommendations. You won’t get this level of personalized service with any other automation tool. 

  • Email outreach: Leverage the top 3% high-performing campaign sequences and over +12,000 campaigns to improve conversions with qualified leads.
  • Social outreach: Increase engagement and conversations with your ideal prospects through LinkedIn and other social channels.
  • Retargeting ads: Use our high-converting ads to recapture your bounced traffic.
  • PPC ads: Generate new, qualified traffic to your website with top-performing PPC ads that are optimized for conversions.
  • Sales chatbot: Add our powerful, rule-based logic chatbot to your website to engage with leads 24/7 and get more inquiries.
  • Done-for-you appointment booking: Automatically book appointments with prospects that reply to LinkedIn messages sent directly from our social outreach module – giving a truly end-to-end solution.

Who is Bant for?

Bant was designed for B2B businesses, agencies, and sales teams that want to fully automate lead generation and outreach. Being an all-in-one automation tool means you can use this as standalone software and leverage our tools to grow your business rapidly and capture leads in the decision stage


Pricing for Bant starts at $795 per month with the option of customizing your plan to add or take away modules as required. 

But if you’d like to see if is the right tool for you before investing, we can give you a free demo to show you exactly how it works. 


Zopto LinkedIn automation tool

Zopto is a lead generation tool aimed at sales teams. Using LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it allows you to find ideal customers and then automate your outreach with personalized campaigns. 

  • Customer filtering: You can filter your target audience by location, industry, company size, title – pretty much any demographic LinkedIn uses natively. 
  • Set levels of engagement: You can also set your level of engagement to reach out to leads as much or as little as you want. This comes with additional features like automatic connection invites and free InMail messages. 
  • Manage Leads: On the Zopto dashboard, you can track your outreach campaigns and manage your leads using the detailed analytics. 

Who is Zopto for?

Zopto is designed for start-ups, agencies, and small businesses who want to improve lead generation through better outreach on LinkedIn. It’s a good tool for dedicated sales teams to improve their response rate, since you’ll need a solid understanding of the sales process using LinkedIn specifically. 


Zopto has three different plans:

  • Personal – $215/month
  • Grow – $395/month
  • Agency – $895/month

You’ll also need to have LinkedIn premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator for the tools to work. 

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator automation tool

Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s own automation tool. It lets you do advanced company searches and integrates with other tools. 

When using LinkedIn automation tools, most companies will use LinkedIn’s Sales Nav alongside other tools. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to find the best leads whereas you’ll need other tools for outreach campaigns. 

  • Advanced search: Find the perfect leads or companies using LinkedIn’s comprehensive demographic filtering.
  • Lead recommendations: On your dashboard, get recommendations on the target audience to reach out based on your activity.
  • CRM integration: Save lead information and link it with your outreach software to automate the entire process of finding the right leads and cold emailing.

Who is Sales Navigator for?

If you’re using LinkedIn to grow your B2B business, Sales Nav is a must. The advanced features you get make finding the right leads much easier and it combines well with other tools we’ve talked about here.

Make sure you know your way around LinkedIn before investing in Sales Nav to make the most of the tool though. It should be a boost to your established LinkedIn strategy. 


Sales Navigator has three pricing options depending on the size of your business:

  • Professional – $64.99/month
  • Team – $103.33/month
  • Enterprise – custom package

Phantom Buster

Phantom Buster LinkedIn Automation Tool

This is a data extraction tool that allows a business to scrape information on leads. As the name suggests, the tool is based on phantoms that pull data automatically from LinkedIn. 

It has an extension that also allows you to automate other actions including scheduling.

  • Network booster: Send connection invitations to a contact list of LinkedIn users automatically. 
  • Profile scraper: Automatically scrape demographic data from LinkedIn profiles including names, titles, companies, and any other publicly available information.  
  • Message sender: Send personalized, automated messages through LinkedIn to connections. 
  • Auto comment/like: Set up automatic likes, comments, and engagement to stay active on the social media platform. 

Who is Phantom Buster for?

This tool has some useful hacks for LinkedIn, so it’s great for small businesses or start-ups looking to grow their network. However, just like Sales Nav, it’s best used in conjunction with more in-depth tools for the best results. 

Because of the low starting price, it’s easy to use Phantom Buster to scrap data and automate engagement, and then use other tools for outreach.


You can start with a free account and pricing goes up to $900 depending on the number of users and services you use.


TexAu LinkedIn Automation Tool

TexAU is another tool focusing on growth automation. Although this one isn’t LinkedIn specific, it will also work for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, and more. 

With TextAU, you can scale your business on LinkedIn much faster and save time automating tasks like connection invites and data scraping.

  • Extract leads from Sales Navigator: Links with Sales Nav to extract profiles and create a list of leads for outreach. 
  • Data scraping: Scrape emails from LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn groups you are part of. 
  • Automate engagement: Automatically endorse, like, comment, and message to boost engagement and grow your network.

Who is TexAU for?

TexAU is designed for B2B companies of all sizes since it’s a solid scraping tool. Although you can use it on its own, we still recommend pairing it with an outreach tool to get the best results. 

TexAU is a growth automation tool, whereas you’ll also want outreach automation to get the most leads. 


TexAu starts at $29/month for basic features but goes up to $199/month if you want additional tools like cloud agency support.


Lempod LinkedIn Automation Tool

This browser-based tool focuses on automating engagement on LinkedIn. This is an important strategy on LinkedIn since posts with more engagement are boosted to more people and thus, help grow your network. 

Lempod allows you to join ‘pods’ in your industry which are filled with similar businesses. All members in the pod automatically like and comment on your posts, helping to boost engagement.

Each pod can only have 50 members and each member is limited to one post a day to avoid spam.

  • Engagement pods: Filter pods by location or industry to find ones in your niche. 
  • Filter comments: Within the pods, you can choose which comments get left on your posts. 
  • Track progress: You can track your likes, comments, and views in the Lempod dashboard. 

Who is Lempod for?

Some big-name brands like Uber and Stripe allegedly use Lempod to boost engagement, so it’s a good tool for any size business. 

Of course, this is more of an extension and shouldn’t be used as a standalone automation tool. Although it’s important to boost engagement, this doesn’t take care of lead generation. 


Lempod costs $5 per pod per month. You can join as many pods as you like but high-quality ones can be hard to find since there is a member limit. 


MeetAlfred LinkedIn Automation Tool

Previously called Leonard, MeetAlfred is a complete automation tool used for sales campaigns. It’ll do everything from team management to outreach campaigns and personalization. 

  • Campaign manager: Set up LinkedIn message campaigns that are personalized with tags. 
  • Alfred CRM: In your dashboard, manage your connections and leads and connect with your CRM software. 
  • Outreach campaigns: Connect your G Suite account and set up personalized drip campaigns to send out through email. 

Who is MeetAlfred for?

With decent pricing and a range of tools, MeetAlfred is aimed at start-ups and small businesses. Rather than focusing on one aspect of automation, this tool is more of a jack-of-all-trades that can help businesses get started with building engagement, understanding buyer behavior, and managing connections with the CRM.


MeetAlfred has three pricing tiers depending on the size of your business:

  • Essential – $29/month.
  • Advanced – $59/month.
  • Professional – $119/month.


Aeroleads LinkedIn Automation Tool

This one is another data scraping tool that automatically finds business emails to add to your lead list. Using a Chrome extension, Aeroleads can find verified business emails of any person using just their name, job title, company, or other demographic information. 

  • LinkedIn search: Use LinkedIn to find the best potential prospects and then scrape all relevant data using the Aeroleads Chrome extension. 
  • Prospects page: All information gathered is available on your dedicated prospects page ready to export to your lead generation tools. 
  • 15 data points: Scrape up to 15 different data points including name, title, company size, etc., to help personalize your outreach campaigns. 

Who is Aeroleads for?

This data scraping tool suits most B2B businesses, from start-ups to large agencies. Just like other data scraping tools, it’s best used alongside lead generation software, but this is a good tool for forming your lead list, no matter what size your company is. 


Aeroleads has four different price points with different levels of service:

  • Take Off: $49/month
  • Climb: $149/month
  • Cruise: $499/month
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus LinkedIn Automation Tool

Cirrus Insight integrates with the cloud-based software Salesforce to optimize pipelines and help you close more deals. Their positioning is based on improving cumbersome CRM tasks by automatically syncing the right activities with the right people. 

  • Salesforce sidebar: Manage your sales relationships from your inbox without the need to open Salesforce. 
  • Calendar scheduling: Automatically sync and fill your calendar to avoid unnecessary back and forth between sales teams and leads. 
  • Track buyer signals: Track every client interaction including email opens, link clicks, web visits, and activity history.
  • Sales cadence: Set up easy-to-follow sale flows to help nurture relationships and keep your team on track. 

Who is Cirrus Insight for?

This is a great organizational tool for small to large B2B businesses. By automating your calendar, scheduling, and sales team, you’ll free up more time for client calls and closing deals. Plus, the starter pricing is very low, making it accessible to start-ups. 


Pricing starts from $7 for a single-person business but quickly rises to $1,000+ for agencies or large teams. 


Expandi LinkedIn Automation Tool

Expandi is a marketing tool that runs 24/7 on your computer. They are known for their focus on safety and give each user a dedicated IP address to help avoid getting flagged by LinkedIn. 

  • Webhooks: This allows you to connect Expandi to other tools like Zapier to make omnichannel workflows.
  • Inbox management: You can manage your LinkedIn inbox from the Expandi dashboard.  
  • Personalization: Customize your outreach campaigns with dynamic personalization, more than just including a contact’s name. This is crucial to getting the best conversion rates on outreach campaigns. 
  • Dedicated IP: Rather than having a different IP every time you log into LinkedIn using your automation tool, you get a dedicated IP address. This means you’re less likely to get flagged as a spam account. 

Who is Expandi for?

This tool was designed for marketing agencies and people who manage multiple LinkedIn accounts at once. The dashboard lets you switch between different accounts easily so it’s a good choice for large agencies.

Because of this and the pricing, it’s less useful for small businesses.


Expandi starts at $99 per user per month but quickly increases based on the level of service you need.

To discover the best all-in-one sales automation software, Expandi starts at $99/seat per month and also comes with a free 7-day trial.

How Can You Benefit from LinkedIn Automation Tools?

If you’re still on the fence about using LinkedIn automation tools, here are some key benefits you should seriously consider:

  • Save time: Manually connecting with leads on LinkedIn is a massive waste of time – you’ll save countless hours automating the process. 
  • Personalization: Adding a personalized touch to bulk messages boosts your conversion rate and makes your interactions feel more human.
  • Track analytics: With the right automation tool, you can easily track your leads and figure out where you can improve your processes with just a glance.
  • Easy A/B testing: Easily experiment with different outreach strategies and track results to make the most effective outreach campaigns possible. 
  • Easy integration: Having all your CRM software in one easy-to-manage place makes life easier for your entire time and eliminates a lot of unnecessary back and forth. 

Leverage Your Automation Tools

It may seem time-consuming to set up new automation software, but once you’ve got it up and running, lead generation is off your schedule. With Bant, we make the process of setting up your automation incredibly quick and easy, so you start seeing benefits almost immediately. 

Once you have your automation tools in place, it’s time to start leveraging the wealth of new information you’ll have at your fingertips. 

One key way you can use this new information is to map out your buyer journey. Not only will this make finding leads much easier, but it will also give your sales team a clear overview of where your buyers are and who to target with sales calls. 

You can learn all about the first stage of the buyer journey in our guide on the all-important awareness stage.