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How many campaigns can I run per month?
We suggest running 2-3 campaigns at any given time. Any less, and we will not be able to A/B test the approach to ensure optimization. Any more, we will be spreading the campaigns too thin to generate meaningful results and/or analysis.
Yes! Since bant.io is a fully managed service, we will create all the copy necessary to set up and continue running your campaigns. We use best practices from tens of thousands of campaigns, combined with your unique value proposition, to create copy that is optimized for conversions!
All campaigns are run using a mirror domain.
This allows us to manage the inbox, which integrates directly into our back-end. Most importantly, this practice protects your actual company domain from getting marked as spam.

bant.io is a lead generation solution that generates leads for your CRM, while also building brand awareness and capturing leads through ad campaigns and a sales chatbot. Our platform provides data, analytics, and reporting on prospects before you speak with them. Once you have moved them into your active sales pipeline, we suggest using a CRM, like Hubspot to nurture the lead and manage the communication/deal.

Inside secret - Our own team uses bant.io to generate leads and uses Hubspot to nurture them! They go together like a rabbit in a hat.