How Creativity Gets Your Voice Heard

    In today’s fast-paced world, it’s more difficult than ever to get your voice heard. There’s so much clutter out there, and brands are competing with people’s friends and family when they ask consumers to give them their attention on blogs and social networking sites. And to make matters worse, many brands are creating generic, run-of-the-mill content and going out of their way to find something to say without putting any real thought behind it.

    You know the types: those long dead branded social networking presences that only ever post self-promotional updates and never receive interaction. This happens because they have a lack of creativity, and creativity is like gold dust when it comes to content marketing. If you think back to the last time you interacted with a brand online, the chances are that it was because they posted something creative that caught your eye.

    In many ways, brands have it a lot harder than people do because we tend to be harsher critics of the content that they share. We might “like” a friend’s status update because we like the friend, but for us to “like” a branded update, it’s going to have to make us laugh out loud in front of our computer screen.




    The different forms of creativity

    For brands to succeed on social networking sites, they need to display creativity. The good news is that they can do this by hiring creative people, those who have a knack for telling stories and catching people’s eyes and attention. They can build entire marketing teams around the idea of building an audience through the creation of engaging content.

    Creativity comes in many forms, most obviously when it comes to the types of content that you’re releasing. Whether you’re working with graphic designers, web designers and a video team or whether you’re working with sound engineers, voice actors and animators, you’ll know creativity when you see it.

    And of course, creativity can also carry across to strategy. Creative thinkers can come up with creative ways to reach people on the latest apps and social networking sites. You can even apply it to the way that you do business overall. You can find creative ways to package your products and look for creative ways to surprise and delight your customers.




    Creativity gets you heard

    Ultimately, being creative will help to get you heard in a noisy world, whether you’re demonstrating it through your marketing materials or whether it’s through the product itself. It gets people to talk about you and helps to set you apart from your competitors. When two products by two brands are indistinguishable but one of them is presented in a more creative way, that’s the product that will sell. You need to make being creative a way of life – and that holds true across every level of your company.

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