Top 10 Lead Generation Companies for Cold Outreach

Top 10 Lead Generation Companies for Cold Outreach

Is lead generation a major struggle for your business? You’re not alone. 68% of businesses report struggling to get high quality leads.Then, it becomes a vicious cycle. Your sales team wastes countless hours on prospecting, losing time on nurturing and closing deals, which means they need to spend more time looking for new leads, and quickly your business is in a rut of spending more than it can afford on lead generation. 

But there is a simple solution. 

A B2B ead generation agency will take over the process of finding qualified leads so your sales team can get back to what they do best—closing deals. If you’ve thought about hiring a lead generation company but you’re not sure which one is worth the investment, we’ve reviewed ten of the top lead generation companies for cold outreach strategy. 

Are lead generation companies worth it?

B2B sales lead generation isn’t easy. In fact, 49% of companies say that increasing their lead generation is their primary objective. Traditional marketing in person and through social media just doesn’t get the results it used to in an overly saturated market. So lead gen companies seem like the obvious solution. But are they worth it?

The answer lies in the quality of the company you invest in. Many business owners are put off by the hundreds of companies that promise a consistent stream of warm leads, only to provide outdated methods or even a fake email lists that will never convert into paying customers. On the other hand, a high-quality lead generation company can take the stress out of the equation by acquiring new leads every month.

The best lead generation companies for cold outreach 

Let’s take a look at the top lead generation companies that specialize in cold outreach to see what they can offer your company: B2B lead gen dashboard

Call us biased, but is one of the best all-in-one tools for lead generation. bant has a proven method of combining cold emails, social outreach, retargeting ads, and PPC to nurture cold leads and convert them into warm leads ready for your sales team.

With an intuitive dashboard and full automation, you can easily track the whole outreach process, your conversations, how your campaigns are doing, identify the best leads, and send them to sales..In fact, we have a wide range of over 12,000 cold emailing campaigns designed to allow you to leverage the top 3% of high-converting emails. Plus, unlike other lead gen companies, we also handle your PPC ads and retargeting campaigns for a completely holistic approach to customer acquisition.

You get everything you need in one, easy-to-navigate place. Our award-winnig approach to lead generation combines various methods of outreach with PPC ads, retargeting campaigns, and rule-based chatbots gives the best return on investment (ROI).bant isn’t just a chrome extension that scrapes user data; it’s a full- managed service run by our team of experts. All you need to do is complete the initial onboarding process so we know your goals, and we take care of the rest. 

We’re proud to be the lead gen company for many industry-leading brands including IBM, ARCA, iZettle, Grypp, and more. 

Best for: Agencies, Marketing, SaaS and tech industries 


  • Email outreach: Totally automated, high-converting email sequences sent out in drip campaigns to ideal clients. Track open rates and replies directly in your dashboard and tweak the campaigns in real-time. 
  • Social outreach: Send personalized messages to your ideal clients on multiple accounts using bant’s proprietary algorithm.
  • PPC ads: All of our PPC ads are based on proven strategies and optimized for conversions. We’ve got a track record of helping countless companies generate revenue and hit goals with our PPC strategy. 
  • Retargeting ads: High-ROI retargeting ad campaigns, make sure your brand stays top of mind with lead contacts who aren’t quite ready to buy —all handled in your bant dashboard.
  • Lead scoring: Easily see which leads your sales team should be prioritizing with customizable lead scoring based on the traits defined by you.
  • Sales chatbots: Make sure you respond to your customers instantly with rule-based logic chatbots. These can help filter out potential leads and make sure you’re spending your time closing deals, not answering FAQs.
Cience Lead Gen

Cience categorizes itself as an outsourced prospecting and marketing team, and has an impressive client list including Uber, Yamaha, and Microsoft. This lead gen company combines dedicated staff members with their lead qualification software to handle appointment setting, lead gen, and sales research. If you have a sales team and you’re looking to add a new department of lead generation specialists to that team, this is a good fit. They offer human-powered prospecting with a trained team of marketing specialists handling lead gen and scoring. 

They guarantee 40 hours a week per person which is impressive but is much more pricey investment for smaller B2B businesses. 

Best for: Large agencies with multi-person sales teams


  • Outbound SDR: Multi-channel campaigns executed at scale with the option to have between 1 and 25 sales reps. 
  • Inbound SDR: A team of reps to handle lead onboarding, giving sales reps within your company new leads to follow up with. 
  • CRM services: Integrate your CRM to make processes more efficient and enrich your current data. 


Zoominfo lead gen

ZoomInfo is most well-known for its large contact database. With 59 million email addresses and 37 million direct dials in the US, it has one of the largest marketing databases for lead generation. 

Large enterprises like Google and Barclays take advantage of this, a testament to the high quality of the leads ZoomInfo provides.However, ZoomInfo doesn’t have a dashboard to deliver or track campaigns. Instead, it connects with your chosen CRM and constantly feeds in new leads. This is great if you have a data stack already set up, but doesn’t give the ease of a fully integrated dashboard for sending, tracking, and replying to prospects. 

Best for: Large enterprises 


  • Large database of B2B leads: ZoomInfo’s main advantage is the large database which is useful for large enterprises who need to cast a wide net. 
  • Prospecting a list of leads: From their database, ZoomInfo helps to prospect a list of leads based on client criteria. 
  • Data management: With their InboxAI, sales team emails can be synced to the ZoomInfo dashboard to make the onboarding process more efficient. 


GrowthGenius Lead Gen

GrowthGenius is another all-in-one lead generation tool that promises up to 50 qualified conversations per month. Although you don’t get PPC or retargeting with this one, they do handle all aspects of cold emails. They have a relatively large database, and handle everything from prospecting to analysis reports which show you how well your campaigns are doing. 

This is also one of the cheapest “all-in-one” options for lead generation, which reflects the number of prospects they generate each month and the fact you don’t get ad management or chatbots.

Best for: B2B businesses and startups who need fewer qualified conversations each month


  • Prospecting: They handle client research across multiple channels based on your brand’s criteria. 
  • List building: Create a curated list of potential leads to pass on to your sales team. They promise up to 50 leads a month, depending on your business. 
  • Personalized email outreach: Automated email outreach with personalized campaigns targeting specific leads generated from prospecting.

Lead Genius

Lead Genius Lead Gen

LeadGenius has a three-step approach to outreach which includes B2B data research, data outsourcing, and process automation. 

Their main product is “Flow” which is an extension browser that scrapes the web for contact information and signals and lets you export contact details to your existing CRM.This is a great tool for automating repetitive sales tasks and plugging new contact info into your existing database, but works best as an add-on tool, not a standalone lead gen software. 

Best for: B2B startups and small businesses 


  • Flow browser extension: Scrape publicly available lead data from social profiles including names, titles, websites, companies, etc.
  • Data scraping: They have proprietary technology which is configured for individual projects to acquire custom data at scale, rather than a general-purpose web crawler.
  • Process automation: Allows you to automate repetitive tasks such as prospect research & CRM chores.


LinkedSelling Lead Gen

LinkedSelling was founded by Josh Turner, a Wall Street Journal bestselling author. They take a multi-channel approach to lead generation and claim to have a proprietary marketing strategy which includes email outreach and LinkedIn ad management. There aren’t many details about their process (which is understandable as it’s proprietary), much of which will not be revealed until you go through the onboarding process. 

However, they do have some high-profile clients and have received several awards, so they get results.

Best for: Claim to work with all industries


  • Lead generation: Automatically search for leads once you set your criteria using a multi-channel approach. 
  • Email outreach: Automated, personalized email campaigns sent out to your target leads. 
  • LinkedIn ad management: Set up and run ads through LinkedIn specifically, but doesn’t include PPC or retargeting. 


Cleverly Lead Gen

Cleverly’s lead generation software is focused on LinkedIn. With a dashboard to track email campaigns and conversations, they create personalized messages for your target customer on the LinkedIn platform. From their case studies, you can see they get anywhere from 20% to 60% reply rates, depending on the industry, which is relatively good for a social media lead gen tool. Although Cleverly is more restricted than a multi-channel lead generation tool, if your ideal clients are on LinkedIn, this targeted approach can work well. It’s also an affordable tool for startups or small B2B businesses.

Best for: Startups and B2Bs targeting LinkedIn


  • LinkedIn data scraping: Find publicly available data of LinkedIn users including names, job titles, companies, websites, etc. 
  • Automated outreach campaigns: Automatically send messages to potential leads through LinkedIn. 
  • Automated connection invites: Automatically send out connection invites to users on LinkedIn to grow your network. 
  • Prospect list building: Curate a list of the best prospects on LinkedIn by automatically sending profile information to your dashboard. 
Sopro Lead Gen

How to choose the right B2B lead generation Agency for your business

There are some great lead generation companies out there, all with different USPs which will appeal to different businesses. When you’re deciding which company to use, here’s what you need to consider the following features:

Target market

Make sure you pick a company that has past clients and experience in your target market. No matter how fantastic a lead generation company looks, if they don’t know how to target prospects in your specific niche, you won’t see results. 

As you can see above, each company tends to lean towards different markets, so choose one that suits your company the best to get the best potential customers.

Database availability

Next, research their database. How many data points do they have access to in their pre-qualified database? Are they regularly updating it with high-quality leads?Some of the top lead generation companies are known for the quality of their databases and having that at your disposal is priceless. 

Having said that, their database needs to tie back into your industry. Even if a company claims to have 50 million contacts, they are useless if they don’t include your target demographic. 

Nurturing leads

What is their process for nurturing leads? Many companies are cheap because they give access to their databases, but don’t offer lead nurturing. The key is finding a company that has an automated process for lead nurturing which warms potential leads to your offers. This is best done through automated outreach campaigns which target your ideal clients and then drip-feed them content and retargeting ads that keep your business top of mind. 

Again, if a lead generation company promises you 10,000 leads but has no nurturing process, those leads may never be ready for your sales team. 

Cost efficiency 

When it comes to figuring out how much you want to invest, forget about the monthly cost. Instead, you need to work out the conversion rates and ROI you will potentially receive from the services offered.

A good lead gen company should reduce your overall marketing spend and customer acquisition cost, meaning that you will see a boost in your bottom line regardless of what you have to pay for the lead generation service. 


If you’re struggling with getting consistent qualified leads for your business, it’s time to try out lead generation services. 

At bant, we make the initial setup process easy and straightforward so you can start seeing consistent warm leads every month. We automate the lead gen process so your sales team can stop wasting time on prospecting, and get back to closing deals. See how can help you reach your sales goals and expand those B2B lead generation lists by scheduling a free demo today!