Working from Home

Helpful Tips for Salespeople Working From Home

With the COVID-19 pandemic reaching every end of the globe, people from all walks of life and all industries have began working from home to abide by social distancing practices. For salespeople, this transition from a workplace to a home office can be challenging. You may be in the middle of a sale when the kids start fighting, or dogs start to bark. Since the pandemic may continue for a while, having an efficient workflow is crucial for growing professionally in the ever-changing world. 

Here are eight tips for salespeople working from home.

Prioritize your comfort

If you aren’t comfortable, you’ll find that working from home is significantly harder to manage. One of the best ways to increase productivity is to set up natural light in your work-space. Studies have shown that natural light can increase mental focus by 40 percent and contribute to healthier sleep patterns. On top of natural light, comfortable furniture can improve your workflow and keep you focused. A quality desk and office chair will make work life a lot easier. 

Schedule your day as much as possible

The more you prepare, the less likely you’ll be diverted, and the more likely you’ll accomplish your goals. Figure out what you want to achieve and plan each hour with activities to help you reach that goal. Although this is common knowledge, it will come in handy, especially in a house filled with distractions. Outline your day, establish your goals, and then strive to accomplish them!

Take breaks and move around

It’s easy to grow restless from sitting in one space for an extended time frame, so be sure to take breaks. Even just a walk around the house or quick jog can help refresh your mind and stretch your muscles. With COVID-19, it’s a little risky to be in public areas, so it may be best to stay in the vicinity of your own home or neighborhood. The best way to take breaks is to schedule them into your daily routine. 

Taking a Break

Have stellar communication

As a stay-at-home salesperson, you no longer possess the luxury of communicating with other salespeople in your office if you have a question. Because of this, you need to have access to video communication software and a messaging app that everyone can use. Many companies use Slack, Skype or Google Hangouts to make internal communication a breeze. Make an effort to communicate with the company to stay on track with updates from the team. Regular communication with your team can also make you feel less lonely at home. 

Create an outreach process

If you’re already keen on sales, your outreach process will be the same as a remote salesperson. A fair outreach process involves personalizing your strategy, following up with your prospects, and updating your CRM. Starting from a cold lead, you need to develop a foundation of trust with strangers through personalization. You can achieve this by saying their name and connecting with their situation to the best of your ability. Updating your CRM is essential, so you know where you stand with each prospect. 

Transition to a long-term sales mindset

Just because your prospects are running stagnant and potentially not buying, you shouldn’t let them slip off your radar. When you maintain relationships with people, you stay in their minds until they are finally ready to buy from you. Allow yourself to be patient and focus on the big picture. Be compassionate with their situation and you’ll develop longer-lasting relationships.

Set rules for people you’re living with

Your children, loved ones, family or partner – Anyone that lives in your home will need a set of boundaries for working hours. They must understand that you have work to do and support you when you’re occupied. It can be nearly impossible to work or sell with constant visual and audible distractions around you. If you need to do video calls or cold calls, make sure they allow you to have space, with no noise in the background, and let you do your thing. 

Search for training opportunities

Working as a salesperson is difficult, especially with COVID-19 restrictions in place. Search for people to talk to and develop connections with to stay motivated, in-the-game and personable. Now is a great time to learn new things and train yourself to be an even better sales professional. You can find plenty of free online training via webinars and YouTube. And when the pandemic is over, you’ll be able to hit the ground running!