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Implement Automation to Fight Rising Inflation This Year

As inflation rises, companies are worrying about price hikes and labor shortages. Now, as preparation for the next fiscal year begins, your business will undoubtedly look into ways of cutting costs. However, that doesn’t mean sacrificing your lead generation or customer retention campaigns

In this post, we look at why many companies are turning to automation tools to fight inflation over the holiday season. Are you wondering how marketing automation can help? We’ll show you. 

Risking holiday inflation due to lack of automation

If you’re considering fighting inflation by scaling back on your lead generation efforts during the holidays, this isn’t the best idea. It’ll save you money but cost you more in the long run. Why’s that? If you sacrifice essential business practices, it will stall scalability, not boost it. 

Instead, companies must take a more proactive approach to safeguard themselves against inflation rates. You can do this by outsourcing lead generation efforts to an experienced automation agency. A B2B sales lead gen tool reduces the need for additional staff and unnecessary overheads, saving you money, and it keeps customer acquisition flowing when offline. 

Let’s look at three different holiday scenarios for your business. Whichever option you choose could determine how you weather this inflationary cycle. 

1. Business processes continue as normal 

You continue running processes as usual. The sales and marketing teams become busier as companies use up the rest of their annual budgets. Workload changes lead to an increase in overtime or the need to hire additional staff. Both have a domino effect on payroll costs—causing you to spend more. 

2. Scale back on lead generation efforts

Your business scales back on lead generation efforts entirely to avoid holiday inflation. When marketing and business development activities cease, customer acquisition also declines. Yet, the holiday season is a great time to get in front of qualified leads. While you may save by scaling back on marketing campaigns and payroll, you risk stalling your business’ growth in the New Year. 

3. Invest in a lead gen automation tool

Rather than cease customer acquisition activities, you invest in a lead generation automation tool. This tool automates sales, marketing, and customer service processes, giving your team free time to focus their efforts on other business areas. With lead generation running smoothly in the background, you can easily save on costs while driving scalability.

What can automation offer businesses?

Marketing automation has put business leaders back in charge of their time and operations for years. Automation tools and platforms—like bant.io—take the hassle out of lead engagement, helping businesses consolidate their sales funnel while improving customer acquisition. 

Yet, these aren’t the only ways businesses can benefit from lead generation automation during the holiday season and beyond. Here are other marketing automation advantages companies can expect.  

  • Reduces labor costs. Marketing automation tools eliminate business leaders’ need to hire customer service or business development representatives. You can scale down on the number of employees needed while not sacrificing the quality of your lead generation efforts. 
  • Boosts productivity and efficiency. Automating time-consuming sales and marketing processes means your employees can use their time and resources to focus on other initiatives. This will undoubtedly boost productivity levels and make your business a well-oiled machine. 
  • Better data for smarter decisions. A B2B sales lead gen tool allows for improved collaboration between sales and marketing teams. With access to better data reporting, your teams are given deeper insights into your leads’ who, what, and why. This results in more effective marketing campaigns and smarter business decisions.  
  • Improves customer retention. Automation tools allow businesses to scale the art of personalization. Your audience receiving continuous personalized messaging from your brand increases awareness, loyalty, and retention. 

Whether you’re an e-commerce store looking for a more optimized checkout experience or you sell B2B services, marketing automation helps drive your business toward success. 

How to implement this B2B sales lead gen tool 

Implementing a B2B sales lead gen tool like ours into your processes for the holiday season is easy. Simply choose the modules that make the most sense for your business, and we will take care of the set up. The only thing required on your end is completing an onboarding form and having a call with your customer success manager— all achieved in less than two hours. 

Once setup is complete, our platform runs your lead generation campaigns across various channels, including email, PPC ads, and social outreach. Are you interested in hearing more? Sign up for a personalized demo today and get ahead in your fight against rising inflation.