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How Retargeting Can Support Your Email Outreach

Email retargeting is one of the most effective ways your business can increase qualified leads. Marketers use remarketing techniques, such as retargeting ads and social media outreach, to boost lead generation. 

Retargeting works best when it’s focused on those leads that have already interacted with your business. These individuals are “warm leads” as they’re much closer to converting. Yet, how exactly does retargeting support your email outreach, and what steps are needed to gain qualified leads in this way?

What is email retargeting?

Email retargeting uses behavioral marketing insights to send targeted email campaigns to potential leads. Let’s look at an example. Have you ever visited an online store, added a product to your shopping cart, and got distracted by another task? You likely received an email soon after reminding you of the product you intended to buy. This is an example of email retargeting. 

This retargeting email outreach technique reminds leads about your services and products. It often has a higher return on investment (ROI) than other methods and for one simple reason: your marketing efforts focus on leads that are a few clicks away from converting. 

But how’s this possible? Email retargeting relies on monitoring your leads’ online behavioral activities. Browser cookies or retargeting pixels in an email’s HTML code achieve this. Marketers use the information collected by these methods to dive deep into a lead’s interests and purchase intent. That’s why these email marketing campaigns are highly tailored. 

As part of this email outreach strategy, you send triggered emails to re-engage potential leads. A lead will only receive a triggered email if they have completed a desired action. For example, if they abandon their shopping cart or visit the same page many times. Marketing automation tools can help your business to select which actions will send a triggered email. 

Retargeting emails aren’t only useful for e-commerce businesses. You can also use them to do the following:  

  • upsell existing customers;
  • encourage webinar sign-ups; 
  • provide reminders about subscription renewals. 

Businesses across all B2B industries can reap the benefits of including email retargeting as part of their marketing mix. 

Why email outreach is so important for lead generation

Email is one of the most accessible communication channels worldwide. Approximately 4.3 billion people across the globe use email daily. That’s nearly half the world’s entire population. For businesses, this means email offers many benefits—especially where lead generation is concerned. 

Email marketing lets your business inform potential customers of brand updates and new services and builds brand credibility. When a lead permits you to send email marketing campaigns, they’re telling you they’re interested in your products or services. This is a good sign for lead generation. 

The statistics speak for themselves. When used correctly, email marketing results in an ROI of thirty-six dollars for every dollar spent and influences 59 percent of people to make a purchasing decision. Email retargeting is even more effective for lead generation. In comparison to cold email outreach, triggered emails are six times more likely to convert and have double the open rates. Small businesses can benefit significantly from introducing email marketing and retargeting into their lead generation strategy. 

Four steps to gain qualified leads through email retargeting 

Are you looking to gain qualified leads with email retargeting? Here are the four steps you’ll need to follow for guaranteed success.

Create audience segments

Understanding your audience is key to delivering email outreach campaigns that will entice action. Information, such as demographics, interests, purchasing power, and website behavior, must be considered. Once this information is collected, build separate audience segments and create tailored messaging for each. 

Remember, emails are only effective if they’re beneficial to your leads. Sending the same email copy to each audience segment won’t boost your lead generation efforts. 

Define your specific goals

The goals of your email retargeting campaigns will drive their execution. But your business needs to think beyond simply increasing revenue or gaining more leads. Your campaign goals need to be more specific. This is where behavioral insights are helpful. 

Consider the journey the lead took to trigger an email retargeting campaign. Perhaps the prospective customer visited your website, opened a few different service pages, and then closed the tab. In this scenario, you’ll want to re-engage them by sending a promotional email offering a free demo or showing them similar services. 

Focus on email personalization

While segmenting your audiences and providing tailored offers is a form of email personalization, you need to go further. Whether sending cold emails or retargeted emails, personalizing email copy helps you build a strong connection with leads. At the very least, you should include their name and job title. 

Yet, if you want to leave a lasting impression on their minds, you should include messaging that speaks to their interests. This is what will set you apart from your competitors. 

Provide value

As part of email outreach, retargeted emails need to provide value. Let’s return to the abandoned cart example we mentioned earlier. When you received the reminder email about the product you were looking at, perhaps you also received a shipping discount. This value-add more than likely caused you to follow through with your purchase. 

You need to provide the same level of value to your leads. Giving them access to gated content or offering a discounted subscription package will turn your warm lead into a guaranteed customer. 

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