Sales and Lead Generation

Making Friends

25 Sep How to Make Friends with Your Prospects

Making friends with your prospects will help you to sell to them and to increase the return on investment of your sales and marketing teams. After all, people do business with the people they like, and they’re also more likely to recommend your company to...

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13 Sep How AI is Coming to Disrupt Marketing

We’ve all heard a lot about artificial intelligence over the last year or so, but it often feels as though we’re yet to see something tangible which is truly disrupting the industry. The good news is that AI is just getting started, and we’re about...

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04 Sep Challenge Your Staff

As salespeople and marketers, we’re used to rushing from one thing to another, to the point at which sometimes we forget to set time aside to improve ourselves. In fact, if we want our sales and marketing teams to develop, often the best way to...

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01 Sep Hire the best if you want to be the best

Too many companies look at their average employee and try to think about how to increase that average. They’ll look at providing training programmes and mentorships so that those average employees can improve themselves and ultimately become above average. And there’s a place for that. The...

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13 Aug Why You Need to Take a Step Back

The modern sales and marketing environment is so fast-paced that we often find ourselves reacting almost on instinct. There are deadlines to make, delays to overcome, stakeholders to please and more for you to worry about. And at the same time as this, the world...

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04 Aug Marketing is About Collaboration

It’s true. Think about it: Even small business owners need to call in some backup and collaborate with skilled creatives if they want to create and deploy a decent marketing campaign. Copywriters need to collaborate with graphic designers and web developers to launch an email...

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